9-11 20th Anniversary Challenge Coin

See our new 9-11 20th Anniversary Challenge Coin.


It’s Your Coin...  You Choose The Details...

We will customize shape, size, edge, color, finish and pretty much everything else to your specifications.


The Brass Tacks...

Brass is best. For the best weight, durability, and appearance for your coin, we use only brass as the base material.  We won’t use inferior materials that can cause your finish to separate or plating to de-laminate.


Make History...

Your challenge coin continues a unique tradition of service organizations. To learn more about the history of the challenge coin, we suggest starting with this article.


Unique...  Elegant...  Versatile...

Your custom Adrenaline Challenge Coins makes a beautiful presentation piece, award, or gift. A challenge coin is an excellent marketing tool for your organization’s fundraisers.


What Is A Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are a nearly 100 year old military tradition that now comes to the NFL and NCAA. A challenge coin is a coin or medallion bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members at all times. In addition, they are also collected and traded by members and supporters of other groups and organizations. When challenged, members of the group must produce their coin immediately or pay the consequence of losing the challenge (usually a round of drinks of the groups choice).


For a more detailed history of the challenge coin and explanation of the challenge go to these independent websites:




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